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Как прошла первая учебная неделя (in English)
Преподаватель группы Reception Мелисса
«I was honestly amazed by how involved the kids try to be. Maybe that has something to do with preliminary preparations, but adaptation to new community happens at an astonishingly rapid pace»
Мелисса Горман
преподаватель в Kingsley
This week our classroom welcomed Nicky, Ilia, and Sonya. Everyone was eager and willing to start a new amazing school year! We are excited to have a fun year of learning, growing and playing together!

This week we will be learning the rules and how to behave at school! Some of the rules we will be working on are using good manners, saying please and thank-you, and being kind to others.

This week we started working on our phonics program. The students learned the sound for I and S. Together we are working on blending them together to make a new sound. They were asked to write the letter to the very best of their ability.

In Math, the class is working on revising our numbers, colors, and shapes. Some of the students remembered and others needed a little bit of help to remember. The numbers that we are focusing on are 1-10. We are learning to recognize, write, and count them. Next week, we will be working adding more numbers, learning opposites, and learning more shapes.

In Science, we are learning about living and non-living things. The students were asked to sort and organize different things into the two different topics. Next week, we will work on adding a third topic and planting our own bean seeds!

Next week, we will be working together to learn about the weather and different vegetables that we eat in the autumn and that grow.

Some of the other classes we did this week include sport and drama with Mr. Aaron, music, Choreography, Russian, and most important we had a lot of fun.

This year some of our class teacher will include:

Ms. Melissa is our reception teacher and is from America.
Ms. Katrina is the year one teacher and is from South Africa.
Ms. Kristen is our reception class teacher assistant.
Ms. Alicia is the school manager and makes sure that our school is fun and interesting.

We will continue our adventure in learning and getting to know our new class.